Day 32: Regan Linton

Regan Linton and  M. Graham Smith with Monique Holt

Denver, CO, United States

Shape the Peace is an audio address in the style of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Fireside Chats.” Their work on FDR Drag Show inspired creators Regan Linton and M. Graham Smith – a cabaret extravaganza exploring disability history, culture, and identity – to uplift FDR-style leadership and create a grounded and accessible call to action for addressing current global challenges. Shape the Peace motivates experiencers to use our collective strengths to triumph over the doubt and fear that prevent peace interdependently. “Peace does not mean escaping the reality of the world, but moving boldly within it.”


Regan Linton, MSW, MFA, is an actor, director, playwright, and Artistic Director of the disability-affirmative Phamaly Theatre Company in Denver, CO. Regan’s work is rooted in de-alienating “imperfection” and upending stale narratives about non-normative humans. She is a regular contributing writer to New Mobility Magazine, and has acted professionally at leading regional theatres across the US. Regan lives with a T-4 complete spinal cord injury.

M. Graham Smith is a San Francisco-based Director, Educator and Producer. He is an O’Neill National Directing Fellow, an Oregon Shakespeare Festival FAIR Fellow and a resident artist at SF’s Crowded Fire. He teaches at A.C.T.’s actor-training programs, Berkeley Rep School of Theatre and at Barcelona’s premiere Meisner Technique program in

Monique Holt (MFA in Theater) was born Deaf in Seoul, S. Korea and adopted by a Deaf Mennonite family. She is a freelance actor/director and freelance interpreter/translator.


Turn off, tune out, drop-in: take 10 minutes to turn off all non-life sustaining electronics, take account of your priorities, and then begin your journey to actively shaping your peace, by choosing an action that you believe will contribute to real progress.

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