Day 76: Sheila Walters Matsuda

Honolulu, HI, United States

I offer this guided meditation leading through green toward peace within. Once peace within can be realized, peace with others and peace in community can follow. Using photos capturing the rich green textures of forests and forest paths in Japan, the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii, the peace traveler is guided through a forest using the five senses to fully experience the cleansing power of the forest to arrive at an inner peace immersed in sensual harmony.


I have practiced Chado (The Way of Tea) since 1974 when I began a life-long study of Chado at the Urasenke Kyoto headquarters. As we practice in Chado, I try to see when I look, to hear when I listen, and to feel each moment and the overall environment of each moment with my heart. Each moment happens only once; we strive to fully embrace each moment. These beliefs ground my work in peace education.


Choose any activity (washing dishes, sweeping, gardening, taking a walk) and mindfully do only that. Look at what’s in your hand…and see it; listen to and hear the sounds around you; notice what can smell; feel any textures; notice if you taste anything; acknowledge how you feel during this process.

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