Indira Johnson

Day 96: Indira Johnson

Indira Johnson & Harrison Tremarello with Year of Kindness and Non-Violent ActionYear of Kindness and Non-Violent Action

 Evanston, IL, United States

The 2020 Year of Kindness and Nonviolent Action Peace Offering is rooted in a cultural tradition where offerings of leaves and flowers are sent out into the rivers and seas as a ritual of hope, restoration and a prayer for peace. Participants wrote their wishes for peace on leaves which were distributed throughout the Evanston and neighborhood communities. Support from partner organizations ensured wide participation. 


Award winning artist and educator, Indira Freitas Johnson’s public art and community-initiatives cover an array of social justice issues that share a common theme, the need to explore ways in which art can increase awareness of the social, political and environmental conditions of our world and  motivate people to play an active role in shaping the social fabric of their community. The recipient of numerous grants and awards, Johnson’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.


Kindness is a powerful force that can be practiced every day in simple actions. Kindness requires respect, the demanding work of paying deep attention to another human being, or animal. Or planet.

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