Gia Capr

Gia Capri


Gia Capri is a homegrown Miami local who discovered her passion for creation and curation at a young age. Her love for books and learning about diverse cultures and histories inspired her to unite people through storytelling. Gia’s artistic journey began with classical piano, evolving into photography and multimedia artwork, which brought her immense fulfillment. In her undergraduate years, she was passionate about research, event organization, and social change, culminating in the creation of the Worth Project, a community media organization. During the pandemic, Gia explored self-portraiture, imaginative edits, and tarot YouTube videos, which led to her involvement in Miami’s creative scene and her modeling endeavors. While fashion and portrait photography captivate her, her primary focus lies in art photography. She also recently organized her first photo meet. Gia is currently pursuing a joint master’s degree in Business Administration and Latin American and Caribbean Studies, with which she aims to bolster her creative pursuits and delve into her Paraguayan heritage. She will be completing her thesis project and an art curation course in Portugal this fall before embarking on her first full-time job. Despite a demanding schedule, Gia embraces the unknown future, as she knows that no matter what, her dedication to art and storytelling will take her on the right path.

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