ivoh Restorative Narrative Summit inspires artistic takeaways

During this year’s ivoh Restorative Narrative Retreat and Summit, ivoh trustee Ann DeMarle creatively turned to art to capture her reaction to the various sessions and reflections that took place during the event. Using an app called Paper by Fifty Three, DeMarle created five compelling drawings that illustrate her takeaways.

DeMarle, a painter, directs Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center and is the associate dean for Emergent Media. You can see her drawings below…

The story behind Portland, Oregon’s segregated past. What if we stopped telling stories?
Psychologist Kevin Becker on “How communities deal with disaster – and what we need.”.
Inspired by artist Debra Weisberg’s talk on her work.
Inspired by the stories and work of photographer Nancy McGirr, who photographed in Central America during the wars and founded FotoKids. The nonprofit originally gave cameras to children living in Guatemala City’s garbage dumps.
Final community reflection – it is our story too.



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