Jordan Shevchenko

Jordan Shevchenko

Jordan Shevchenko, 17, resides in the UK, and holds citizenships in UK, Ukraine and USA. He is a junior at Kings College School and attended an IB International school in his formative years, allowing him to develop a rigorous foundation of cultural understanding with a global focus. He is a curious adventurer in the pursuit of learning who seeks to visit new places and expand his travel experience by exploring people, landscapes, history and culture. He has appreciated an eye-opening opportunity to travel to twenty-five countries and territory.

Jordan is a musician who plays three instruments and is in his high school’s jazz band. He is in the process of creating an app catered towards allowing the non neuro-typical community to expand their interaction with music.

Jordan has assisted his father, a noted Ukrainian, in creating film videos, input with speech writing, fundraising, non-violent protests, communications, housing refugees, and also participated as a speaker at an UN event for 5,000 plus internationals in bringing awareness to peace building efforts, bridging divides, and the needs of affected Ukrainians in the current conflict.

He participates in a variety of sports including soccer, tennis, and golf. Jordan teaches tennis to youngsters and is the goalie of his high school soccer team.

Jordan is a member of The Change the World Model United Nations. CWMUN is an international program with 5000+ students from all over the world whose mission seeks to develop self-responsibility, understanding, commitment and debate around the pressing issues of the international political agenda CWMUN fosters future thought leaders of tomorrow who create action through awareness,

Jordan considers himself a citizen of the world and is thrilled to be joining The Peace Studio as a Youth Ambassador. He hopes to use this notable platform to continue to be a bridge builder in propagating peace and understanding between different peoples through the mediums of music and journalism.

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