Dove’s ‘Love Your Curls’ ad encourages women to embrace their natural waves

Dove’s latest commercial inspires girls to love their curls. The ad, created by Ogilvy & Mather, continues Dove’s streak of ads that empower women to embrace their natural beauty.

The “Love Your Curls” ad campaign, which has a hashtag with the same name, features young girls talking about how much they dislike their curly hair.

“Sometimes I wish I could just rip it out,” 12-year-old Jewel says in the ad.

“I think about my hair, that I don’t want it anymore,” says 6-year-old Carina.

The ad highlights a relevant piece of research: only four out of 10 girls think their curly hair is beautiful. “The best way to change how they feel about theirs is to show them how you feel about yours,” the ad says. Dove asked the girls’ families and friends to set an example by embracing their own curls. The end of the ad shows the curly-haired girls and women having a dance party, their curls bouncing up and down. Girls, it turns out, “are seven times more likely to love their curls if people around them do.”

“The Dove Hair ‘Love Your Curls’ film reveals an important issue, and Dove Hair has a responsibility to take that finding and instigate positive social change,” Rob Candelino, vp of marketing for haircare at Unilever, told AdWeek. “One of our most profound research findings was that girls with curly hair are seven times more likely to love their curls if those around them do—this proves we can help make an impact by encouraging women to love and embrace their curls, setting a positive example for girls in their lives.”

Dove’s ads have prompted several other companies to create ads centered around body image, self confidence, and self acceptance. The company’s latest ad prompted the ‘TODAY’ Show to launch a #CurlPower social media campaign this week.

“Ditch the flat iron,” the campaign says. “TODAY wants to see your natural curly look! All week long, we want you to get behind your #CurlPower and embrace your lovely locks just as they are.”

Dove’s ad, and news organizations’ responses to it, show how ads and journalism can play off each other to create meaningful awareness and change.

“The Dove Hair ‘Love Your Curls’ campaign was crafted with an emphasis on encouraging all women to embrace their individual curl type and texture, regardless of race or ethnicity,” Candelino told AdWeek. “Beauty, confidence and self-esteem are wide and far reaching topics. Dove believes that every woman has the opportunity to make a difference in a girl’s life and have a positive impact on her self-confidence. The Dove Hair ‘Love Your Curls’ campaign is intended to motivate and inspire all women and girls with curls.”

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