Tricia Estrada - Board of Directors

Tricia Sulpizio Estrada

Fundraising, Leadership, Marketing Professional

Tricia has 20 years of professional experience in fundraising, marketing and development as well as educational training in philanthropy. She received her Masters of Arts in Psychology in which her thesis focused on Factors that Motivate Charitable Giving. As part of her thesis she researched and analyzed the various motivators of giving for both monetary contributions as well as volunteering. Her research provides insight that will help better target specific demographics that would be willing to give both time and/or money.  

Tricia’s business experience includes corporate marketing and public relations positions held across various divisions at QUALCOMM as well as private consulting jobs in strategy, graphic design and branding. In 2010 she founded and continues to manage Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds (BFBM), a software company, focusing on developmental tools for children and increasing awareness of early intervention and the impact it has on child development.    

Tricia has a passion for creativity and entrepreneurial collaborations. Skilled in Management, Fundraising, Leadership, Marketing, and Product Development. Tricia uses her experience to continue helping others and volunteering her time fundraising and developing for schools and other San Diego Non Profit Organizations. She and her husband have two sons and she enjoys being active and spending time with her family.

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