The Boston Globe: Where artists spread peace, one ‘offering’ at a time

The Boston Globe
A new virtual project is serving up “offerings of peace” to counteract the trauma of 2020.
Launched by the New York City-based Peace Studio in early July, the “100 Offerings of Peace” campaign unites creatives from around the world to explain what peace means to them. So far, participating artists include cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Grammy Award winner Ty Defoe, performance artist Anthony Sims, and playwright Sarah Ruhl. One response will be posted daily until Nov. 1 at
Each artist answers in the format of their choice — a song, video, poem, visual art piece, or other medium. Ruhl, for example, released a poem about the history of Mother’s Day and its connection to peace on July 7. “But the original Mother’s Day proclaimed:/ Peace is as peace does./ To make peace, we say./ Peace is a doing, a making,” she wrote.

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